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TEFL Without a Work Permit

The demand for TEFL/TESOL teachers is so high in some regions that some schools overlook the legal requirement to hire teachers with a work permit, for which you need a university degree. While this may be a cause to celebrate for those who have not completed their degree and want to explore the world, there are many risks involved.

-Under the most optimistic scenario, you will simply earn minimum wage and work at schools that offer poor working conditions such as cramming students in a classroom, lack of resources, and a disorganized curriculum.

-Under a more pessimist scenario, working without a work permit gives power to schools to fire teachers whenever they want and scam teachers off their wages.

-The worst case scenario is one where you are deported and deprived from ever entering the country again, while you may also face a few days of jail time.

So do your best to finish your degree and take a reputable TESOL certificate program.

TEFL Japan: Cultural Facts

Japan is one of the top destinations for TESOL graduates. Here are some tips for overcoming culture shock.

-Bowing is used often for thanking and greeting.
-Refusing a request or offer is impolite. Your co-workers will always say yes, even when busy, so consider this if you want to maintain a good relationship at your workplace.
-Your school will arrange several parties and gatherings a year, you must attend at least twice a semester.
-Bring souvenirs to your co-workers when you come from a trip.
-Medical masks are mandatory during the flu season

TEFL South Korea: Tattoos

You can get a job to teach English in South Korea from the comfort of your home. You apply online and then the interview is via Skype.
Korean employers don’t like tattoos. It is highly recommended that if you have any tattoos, that you do not mention this in the application unless the tattoos are visible. If you have any visible tattoos, you are fine as long as you hide them with the right attire.

Online TEFL courses from $285

250-hour TESOL Diploma

While advanced TESOL/ TEFL Courses such as CELTA offer 120 hours, the Methodology module from Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma is worth a whole 120 hours.

This module consists of 19 units. You will have to observe video-taped lessons, submit 10 tasks, 19 assignments, and a final exam. By the end of the module, you will have compiled a portfolio including your assignments, observation tasks and lesson plans which will provide tangible evidence of the course work


Advanced TEFL courses can now be completed online. The benefit of online education is the flexibility this allows. Few people have the luxury of leaving work to study TEFL or TESOL for a month. Furthermore, the intensity to which trainees are subjected to may prove difficult for some to fully grasp the concepts of the teacher training program. For this reason, taking an advanced TESOL/TEFL course online can be a very good alternative.

TEFL online from $285

TEFL Wages and Benefits

So you are looking into teaching English in Asia and you find that the pay is low. Look further and you will find that most schools offer benefits such as paid accommodation, travel allowances, and more. Now a $1,200-$2,000 doesn’t look so bad!
Always remember that a reputable TESOL certification will take you a long way. You can take a TESOL or TEFL course online for under $300 and it pays for itself in one month of receiving a higher salary.

Ontesol Exceeds Expectations for TEFL Online

Coventry House International‘s online TESOL / TEFL courses have exceeded expectations in terms of the level of training and the reputation among language schools. While many online programs are not recognized beyond cram schools in developing countries, Ontesol has managed to offer a very advanced level of training by providing every trainee with outstanding tutoring and basing its courses on Coventry’s course syllabus.

How to Choose the Right TEFL/TESOL Course

Research shows that there is a group of people who consider job placement assistance as the main feature for choosing their TESOL or TEFL course. This is the same group of people who gets scammed out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars because “guaranteed job placement” is a scam.

Accredited schools cannot engage in misleading advertising and claim “Guaranteed jobs”. While some sort of job placement assistance is useful, no one can guarantee you a job. Top TESOL certification centers, such as those that are recognized by TESL Canada, CELTA, and Trinity CertTESOL, have a very poor placement assistance program, yet their graduates are highly recognized worldwide and placed before any graduate from an unaccredited school.

If you want to learn how to become a teacher, take an internationally recognized TESOL course. If you want job placement service, go to a recruiter.

Visa for TEFL in Japan

These are the different ways to obtain a work visa in Japan:

-Sign up with a big private company like AEON or Interac and obtain the visa without leaving your desk. Simply apply, submit all the documents, and they will get you the visa before you travel.

-Work for smaller school: You must be IN Japan. You will have three months before you are required to get the visa. The best time to apply for a job at one of these schools is Spring. Once you get the contract, they will sponsor your visa.

-Holiday visa: Only available for people under 30 years old. This is the quickest way to get a short half a year to one year visa for Japan.

While the JET Programme does not require TESOL certification, big private companies prefer qualified teachers and smaller schools certainly require a reputable TESOL/TEFL certificate.