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TEFL Requirements

Entry requirements for TESOL certification courses are:
-Native speaker or proficiency score such as IELTS or TOEFL.
-A University degree is not always required but you must have one to get a work permit in another country.
- In some instances, trainees must be 21 years of age or older

You can take the TESOL course on-site or online. If you take an online course, completing a practicum module is highly recommended.

TESL Canada Standard 2

Coventry House International and Ontesol offer a 250-hour TESOL course online for only $975. You can get a lot more value than an advanced on-site TESOL program for a lot less money. In fact, this program is half the price of many university TESOL courses that are also recognized at TESL Canada Professional Standard 2.

Looking for the Perfect ESL Job

You completed your TEFL course and now it’s time to look for a job. The options are limitless and free! You should start by researching about the conditions and requirements in your teaching destination. This way, you’ll have a better reference for comparing job offers. Then you can use many of the TESOL/TEFL websites to look for current job openings. Many of these websites have forums where you can ask questions or search for the name of the school to find out any negative comments. Once you’ve chosen a couple of promising employers, simply submit your application and wait for your interview.
Some people choose to use the services of recruitment agencies. Most of them are generally good, but again, do a quick search to find out more about bad experiences others may have had.
Good luck!

2 Days TEFL Any Good?

You may not have the funds or time to take a reputable TESOL certification course, but a teacher training program cannot be completed in just 2 days. The fee for a 20-hour weekend course may look attractive and the short time to complete the course even more, but you will quickly learn how badly you’ve wasted your resources as you start your job search.

Teaching ESL in USA

After 911, visa restrictions took a toll on the American ESL industry. Most ESL schools are part of big corporate chains and are located in the most important urban centers. An advanced TESOL certificate is required and teaching experience comes in very handy. If you want to teach in the public system, a MA in TESOL/TEFL is required. Many people opt for volunteering or taking low paying jobs at community centers to help immigrants learn the English language.

Teach English in Australia

As a native-speaking country, Australian schools have strict requirements when it comes to hiring teachers. One must be a native speaker, have a reputable TEFL certificate, and at least 1 year of teaching experience.
Australia offers competitive wages, a friendly culture, and amazing natural wonders to visit during weekends or holidays. Most jobs are located in Sydney and Queensland.

TEFL Latin America

Latin America offers a rich cultural experience to ESL teachers.

The wages vary a lot from country to country, but the cost of living is usually low. Due to the large income gap, you can choose between high wages and volunteer options. You can have a stable job at an institue to gain some valid teaching experience, serve the rich community with private lessons for extra income, and/or volunteer a few hours helping those in need (Never pay an organization to volunteer your time)

A TESOL Certification comes very handy even in schools where it is not required; however, the level of English in Latin America is quite high, meaning that many schools will require teachers to hold advanced TESOL/TEFL certification.

Cultural Experience:
The best part is the rich cultural experience. Latin America is rich in music, sports, cuisine, warm weather, and spectacular landscapes. If you like dancing, adventure sports, and sightseeing, Latin America offers a memorable experience to ESL teachers. You must know that although countries share similar values, there are many cultural aspects that vary greatly from region to region, so learn something about your teaching destination before you make a big mistake of making the wrong kind of comment.

Teaching English in Saudi Arabia

The working conditions in Saudi Arabia are fairly good for foreign workers. The pay is one of the highest in the world and benefits often cover luxury apartments. A successful experience in Saudi Arabia is also highly regarded worldwide due to the strictness and professionalism required by Saudi Schools.

Great benefits come with high hiring requirements, so advanced TESOL certificate is required.

The downside is a very different culture and many people may face a strong culture shock.