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Affordable TESOL Courses Online

Choosing a TESOL course online can save you over a $1,000. This is the case of Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma, only $975, which would cost $2,500 if offered on-site, plus books, travel and parking expenses. If you are about to take a weekend seminar program for $1,000, then stop! Ontesol’s 100-hour course is only $285. This is the best course in its class as it provides excellent lesson planning training and you can take it from the comfort of your home while a personal tutor answers your questions and provides feedback on your assignment.

100-hour TESOL for South Korea

Get ready to embark in an exciting TEFL career. Applications for EPIK-Spring 2012 will open in October. Take your 100-hour TESOL certificate at Ontesol for only $285.
The course pays for itself in just one month! Those with a recognized TESOL certification of 100 hours or more automatically qualify for a higher pay level at $300 per month.
Coventry House International-Ontesol has over 10 years of experience offering the best TESOL courses. The 100-hour online TESOL course is the best in its class.

TESL Canada Certification as Necessary as Winter Tires

If you want a safe drive in the cold Canadian winter, a set of winter tires makes all the difference. So does TESL Canada certification for teaching in one of the best ESL industries in the world.

90% of schools ask for TESL Canada Standard 1 and some may even require teachers to hold TESL Canada Standard 2 certification.

People who take less quality courses are looking to travel and teach in countries where there aren’t that many requirements. They don’t do much research and are astonished when they find that the weekend TESOL course that cost $1000 is useless in Canada. Some even find the hard way that the institute they chose has a bad reputation worldwide and they have a hard time finding a schools to accept their certificate.

If you are planning to start your career in another country, do some research about the conditions and requirements in the country you want to teach and consider the advantage of getting TESL Canada certified if you are planning to build a serious career.

TESOL Certification for Canada

In order to teach in one of the largest ESL industries in the world, you need a minimum of TESL Canada Standard 1 certification. Some schools in Canada will ask for TESL Canada Standard 2 and at least one year of teaching experience. Those with prior teaching experience and a basic TESOL certificate must still take a course that is recognized by TESL Canada to become an accredited teacher. Some exceptions may apply if you have a CELTA, Trinity CertTESOL, TESL Ontario, or equivalent certificate, so contact TESL Canada for more information.

Peak TEFL Season

This is the best time to take a TESOL course because the peak hiring season for East Asia starts in October. You can take the 100-hour TESOL course at Ontesol and finish in 20 days if you study full time.
Ontesol also helps with jobs, either directly with the application for EPIK or through its job board and list of schools and recruiters.
Do note that applying for EPIK is a lengthy process so those who apply between October and December are hired for the term that starts in February.

CELTA Online Vs Ontesol

After years of demonizing online TEFL courses, CELTA is launching its own online TEFL program. This is the same standard 4-week program, without the experience of delivering professional courses online. If you are looking for a reputable online TESOL course, take a look at Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL DIploma. This program is more advanced than any 4-week course, whether online or on-site.

Time For Studying TEFL!

How do you keep your summer going? Take a TESOL course and move to South America! Enjoy warm weather, competitive wages, and an unforgettable experience teaching English in Argentina, Costa Rica, Brazil, or Chile. A university degree and a TESOL certificate of at least 100 hours is required in that part of the world. Non-native speakers from Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, or Israel are very welcome if their accent is almost flawless!