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New TEFL Recruitment Network

Ontesol recently launched The TEFL Recruitment Network with the objective to help TESOL graduates connect with reputable recruitment agencies that do not charge for job placement assistance. In its initial stage, people can apply directly to some of most reputable recruiters and ESL programs in the world and access free articles written by certified TESOL teachers who have taught English in China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia. Learn everything you need to know about work visa, traveling, culture shock, job hunting, employers, and your prospective students.

Banners spaces are provided free of charge to recruiters who meet the criteria for having a long history of providing an honest and free recruitment service. To join the TEFL Recruitment Network, recruiters can fill out the application form or contact Ontesol, the leading TESOL course provider in the world, via email.

Join us! Your recruitment agency will be visible for thousands of qualified teachers through the TEFL Recruitment Network and other websites.

Business TESOL Course Coming Soon

Ontesol is in the last stages of developing a specialized business TESOL certificate to add to its line of high quality online TESOL and TEYL courses.

Trainees will be able to enroll in this course separately or as a package with a significant discount when they enroll in any of our accredited TESOL courses. The business course will include study material, resources, tutor support, and assignments that are specific for learning how to teach business professionals. Business courses are short specialization modules for polishing your teaching skills and a TESOL certificate program must be completed prior to the business course in order to receive professional training in grammar, phonology, and the methodology of TESOL.

The expected delivery date is April 30, 2012. If you have any questions or would like to participate in the project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Suggestions for EPIK Application

Getting the TESOL position at EPIK is easy if you are a native-speaker with a university degree and an internationally recognized TESOL certificate. However, it is a long process and due to the large number of TESOL teachers who apply, it is highly recommended to apply early and submit all your documentation at least two months before the deadline.

If you have not graduated from university, but you will finish before you are supposed to be in South Korea, you can still apply.
If you have not completed your TESOL course, you can still apply but you must have the TESOL certificate before arriving to South Korea.

The biggest problem applicants face is obtaining the criminal record check, especially US citizens. Between the time the application opens and the deadline, there are about 4 months to submit everything to EPIK. Unfortunately, it takes a minimum of 3 months for the FBI to retrieve your information and provide the necessary documentation to you. This means that US citizens should contact EPIK SMOE (ei: Ontesol) to help you get all the documentation ready before the application opens, and be able to submit all your documents as soon as possible.

TESOL Job Scams

There is a certain TESOL institute from the UK that is offering a teaching internship in China. The ad reads “Live & Work in China for 5 Months, and Save $400″. Wait, what? Save $400? So I have to pay you to get me a job and feel like you are doing me a favour? When you look at the numbers it’s a robbery in plain daylight.

The China TESOL Internship costs $2,095 and includes a TESOL course worth $699 ( This is the company’s fee, actual value may be much lower). Does the extra $1,400 guarantee a better job? Here is where the veil of the scam is lifted. The worst entry-level positions in China pay 4,000RMB per month plus accommodation and other benefits. These are jobs in cram schools at some remote location, where no TESOL certification is required. Schools are highly disorganized and teachers don’t get paid on time. So what should a new TESOL graduate aim for? The average pay in China is 7,000RMB and top schools pay 10,000-16,000RMB per month. The China TESOL Internship program only pays 2,000RMB per month! ($300). So why spend a fortune on a poor TESOL course and a job placement service that is a scam, when you can take an internationally recognized TESOL certificate and receive free job placement assistance. ESL schools pay reputable recruiters to find qualified teachers, so these recruiters will find you a job that pays more than 7,000RMB/month without taking a nickle from you!

Do your research, find a TESOL institute that provides real value and free job placement assistance. Top institutes have gained recognition from at least one of the top accrediting organizations; TESL Canada, Trinity CertTESOL, and/or CELTA. Take a course that is at least 100 hours and provides throughout training in grammar, phonology, and methodology. A separate 20-hour Practicum is also highly recommended. Methodology is the most important section of any TESOL course, so find out if the program teaches lesson planning thoroughly.