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Communicative TESOL

A good TESOL course teaches how to create professional lesson plans using the communicative approach and opens many doors for the teacher to impart knowledge about many important matters in today’s globalized world.

Communicative TESOL helps bridge cultural gaps in a fun and interesting way with the use of authentic materials, role-play, and other tools or activities. Introduce your students to meaningful and real life experiences, and learn from your students’ culture. A good teacher respects the students’ culture and incorporates it in the lesson plans.

A course that embraces communicative TESOL can turn anybody into an effective teacher, regardless of the trainee’s educational background and teaching experience. Generally, ESL teachers have a background in science, business, and art. A good TESOL course will teach you how to exploit your knowledge in interesting, fun, and effective ways.

Communicative TESOL goes beyond teaching the English language. In the business ESL class, for example, the teacher must take advantage of the student’s educational background and work experience to empower their business skills with the use of lesson planning tools and activities that teach business first and foremost.

Take Language Lessons

So you completed your TEFL course, got the job, and you are now looking for ways to become a better teacher. How about taking a language class? This is a great way to put yourself in the shoes of your students. Is your teacher boring? If so, she could be relying too much on the translation method. She could also be following the course book to the line, leaving little space for a meaningful and memorable experience. When students practice their language skills in a very controlled environment, it becomes monotonous and boring. The student is forced to memorize rules but is not given the space to practice them in a real world situation. As a teacher, you must create lesson plans that give confidence and practice. You must use the communicative approach! Substituting the course book with meaningful authentic material and activities will make your class more enjoyable and effective. See for yourself!

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Business TESOL Certification

Do you teach business ESL? What challenges do you face when planning your lesson? What would you like to see on a business TESOL course?
Ontesol is currently looking at proposals from highly qualified TESOL trainers with vast experience teaching business English to develop a comprehensive business TESOL certificate course that highlights the importance of teaching English communicatively to the business community.

Send us your resume and drop us a line about what you can offer as a curriculum developer if you have a MA in TESOL or TEFL, 5 years of experience as a teacher trainer at one of the top TESOL certificate programs (TESL Canada, Trinity, or CELTA), and over 10 years of experience as an ESL teacher with a significant number of years teaching business English. Experience with curriculum development and/or book publishing is highly regarded.