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Teach English in Canada

Teach English in Canada or qualify for the best jobs worldwide! Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma is one of the best TESOL programs in the world. It’s more advanced than the CELTA course and it is recognized by TESL Canada upon completion of a 20-hour Practicum. Study online and take the Practicum anywhere in the world.

The course is also recognized by ACTDEC UK for Level 3 certification. Teaching experience and/or prior TESOL certification are not required.

Trainees have up to 6 months to complete the online course. The TESOL Diploma consists of three modules: Grammar, Methodology, and Phonology. There are a total of 3 exams, 20 assignments, and 10 tasks. At the end of the course, graduates have a complete understanding of the Theory and Methodology of TESOL.

Take the best TESOL course for only $975. Fee includes course material, tutor support, taxes, and more!


Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma includes:

65-hour Grammar Module: This module consists of 17 units. There are 39 quizzes and a final grammar exam. Experienced teachers usually take the exam fairly quickly.

120-hour Methodology Module: This module consists of 19 units. You will have to submit 10 tasks, 19 assignments as well as a final exam. By the end of the course you will have compiled a portfolio including your assignments, observation tasks and lesson plans which will provide tangible evidence of the course work. This module is the most time consuming because the Theory and Methodology of TESOL is the core section of any TESOl or TEFL course. Most experienced teachers do well on this module, but those who have taken a poor introductory certificate and got used to ineffective methods may struggle more than those who are new to TESOL.

65-hour Phonology: The phonology module consists of 13 units, 10 quizzes and a final phonology exam. Experienced teachers usually take the exam fairly quickly.

Upon completion of a separate 20-hour Practicum, graduates are eligible for TESL Canada certification

What’s Better Than CELTA?

CELTA is a 4-week TEFL course that consists of 120 hours of theory and a 12-hour Practicum module.

CELTA was the standard for TESOL certification up to the late 1990′s. The program costs between $1600 and $2400 and its quality has decreased dramatically from the original RSA course as the brand expanded worldwide.

In terms of recognition, few centers require advanced certification and it doesn’t make sense for a Gap Year teacher to pay a fortune on a 4-week TESOL course. You can take a 100-hour TESOL course for under $300, learn to create professional lesson plans online, and get the same position in most countries.

For years, websites and forums run by people closely related to CELTA have put down other brands and, especially, online TESOL courses. Most online courses under $300 are more basic than a CELTA, but there are plenty of advanced courses that cover the same or even more than a CELTA course. Furthermore, CELTA has recently launched its own online TEFL course.

If you are looking for advanced certification, a better alternative to CELTA is Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma. Ontesol has 9 years of experience delivering one of the most comprehensive TEFL courses in the world. The 250-hour TESOL Diploma covers more than any 4-week TESOL course and is recognized by TESL Canada at their Professional Standard 2 upon completion of a 20-hour Practicum. The 250-hour online course costs only $975 and most people take the Practicum for free at their employer’s premises or a volunteer center. Learn more, study at your own pace, and save up to $1000 on tuition.

Why Does TEFL Job Require Speaking The Local Language?

Our staff found a few ads by European schools requiring teachers to speak German or Spanish. These ads indicate a clear lack of understanding about teaching ESL.

As we wrote on a previous blog, many ESL schools are set up by savvy entrepreneurs who have little experience teaching English. A good ESL curriculum embraces the Communicative Approach, which doesn’t require teachers to speak the local language. In fact, teachers must avoid speaking the local language except on a few occasions (Article Using The Mother Tongue In The English-Language Classroom ).

Learn to create professional lesson plans using the Communicative Approach. Accredited TESOL certificate courses starting at $285!

Creating Course Materials

What makes an accredited TEFL course so important?

Hopefully, you will find a job at one of those cozy little schools run by an experience teacher who loves his or her career and opened the school after years of teaching English worldwide. These are the kind of schools where you will learn to be an amazing teacher by enjoying a dynamic combination of independence and guidance.

Language schools are businesses and, as such, many of them are run by people who are savvy entrepreneurs but have little or zero experience running a school. Some of these owners haven’t even taught ESL at least once in their lifetime! The result? Little knowledge leads to poor hiring practices, which leads to poor curriculum development, lack of resources, and poor management.

An accredited TEFL or TESOL course will teach you to create professional lesson plans using the Communicative Approach, so you can pull authentic material from a large pool of newspapers, you tube videos, and other media, and create fun and effective lessons for your students.

Even if you find a job at a cozy little school, you will encounter many challenges depending on the social and economic factors of the region; for example, many schools do not use textbooks and others use very old ones. A good Director of Studies will guide you throughout your career, but you will be expected to have the right teaching skills to keep up with the demands of the job.