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Accredited TEFL Online Toronto

Based in Toronto, Canada, Coventry House International and Ontesol offer one of the most comprehensive TEFL online courses in the world.

The 250-hour Diploma is very popular with teachers who have vast teaching experience but have not obtained proper TEFL certification. New teachers can also get quality TEFL training thanks to the flexibility provided by online education.

Trainees learn to create professional lesson plans at their own pace and from the comfort of their homes. A personal tutor is available to answer questions and provide feedback on every assignment.

Upon completion of TEFL online, graduates can take a 20-hour Practicum anywhere in the world and be eligible for TESL Canada Professional Standard 2 certification. When looking for proper TEFL certification, make sure the course recognized by one of the major accrediting organizations. TESL Canada, Trinity CertTESOL, and CELTA ensure quality TEFL training and internationally recognized certification.

Free TEFL Articles

This week, Ontesol’s blog covers a wide range of topic to guide you in your TEFL endeavor!

Grammar guide-Most ESL teachers have heard about the 12 tenses in English, and of the challenges of teaching the Present Perfect tense. Some teachers may be surprised to learn that there are really only two tenses in English.

CELTA Online- “Now that CELTA is being offered online, how is it justified to spend over $2000 on a 120-hour TESOL course?”
Having Fun with Pronunciation- “Pronunciation is an area of English language learning that can cause anxiety for students and frustration for teachers.”

Teaching Multi Level classes “Teachers often panic when they discover that they have to teach a multi-level class. Others are dismayed when they discover that the course they are teaching is, in fact, multi-level.”

Book Review- “Teaching Tenses by Rosemary Aitken is a great addition to the bookshelves of both new and experienced teachers.”

Trusted TEFL Forums

ESL Cafe provides the most sincere expert advice on TESOL courses and jobs. Experienced teachers who frequent the site are honest about the kind of qualifications you need for good ELT jobs and do not force people into spending over $2000 on a CELTA course.

A reputable 120 hour course with Practicum (TESL Canada, Trinity CertTESOL, or SIT TESOL) can prepare you for a good job anywhere in the world. The experts at ESL Cafe are also clear that an online 100-hour course can get you a job in most of Asia and Latin America.

TEFL Certification Hierarchy

What are the standards of TEFL education and which are the best TEFL / TESOL courses?

1- MA Degree in TESOL or TEFL from a reputable university. TESL Canada recognizes several MA programs at the Professional Standard 3.

2- DELTA or Trinity DipTESOL

3- 250-hour TESOL Diploma recognized by TESL Canada at their Professional Standard 2.

4- 120-hour TESOL certificate with Practicum such as Trinity CertTESOL, CELTA, or TESL Canada Professional Standard 1.

5- 100-hour TESOL courses under $300. These courses provide basic training and internationally recognized certification. You can start your teaching career in Asia, Latin America, or parts of Europe with a 100-hour TESOL certificate; however, not all courses are well recognized. Since the standards of 100-hour courses vary greatly from one institution to another, it is highly recommended to do an intense search and find out if the course is a paper mill or if it provides a good level of training in lesson planning and other subjects in the Theory and Methodology of TESOL. Compare course syllabi and pick courses that have been offered for years, or better yet are offered by institutes with a long history of providing advanced TESOL courses ( 1 to 4 in the hierarchy).

6- 60-hour TESOL seminars or other weekend courses. Stay away from these courses. Most of these courses are offered by scam organizations that guarantee jobs even though their certificate is not recognized anywhere. Some of these courses cost up to $1000 and are a complete waste of money. Their real value is $50 (Reading material about the TESOL industry).