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Ontesol created a graduate forum for those who are going to South Korea in August. Access your TEFL account to share information, resources, and meet with each other. Learn Korean, local and affordable recipes, and travel destinations!

South Korea is a great country to teach English and there are over 1100 teaching at EPIK this semester, so you won’t be alone! Ontesol created this forum to help teachers adapt to their new country and enjoy their experience teaching English abroad. Culture shock is unavoidable wherever TEFL may take you, so keep a positive and adventurous mind and learn about Korean culture as much as you can!

Business TEFL

Authentic materials are excellent for teaching effective business TEFL. For students learning business English, there is no better way to teach them English in a meaningful way than teaching actual business. See how this Entrepreneur article provides real insight about business management

Nowadays it’s very easy to find free authentic materials online. You can simply become a fan of pages like Entrepreneur or Harvard Business School and receive great articles on your news feed.

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Schools and recruiters wanted! Contact us and become a member of the TEFL Recruitment Network and receive plenty of benefits, such as free access to our job board and other marketing services.

Teachers wanted! Looking to teach in a modern country that cares about nature and has a rich ancient history? South Korea is the top TEFL destination. Perfect for young university graduates with little or no prior teaching experience. Teach English at public schools with EPIK. Take an accredited TEFL certificate from Ontesol and receive free recruitment services.