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Finding Your TESOL Job

Ontesol sponsors every major TESOL job board. Find the job that is right for you from the comfort of your home!

ESL Employment- This is one of the first TESOL job boards. Here you will find jobs from everything in the world. This website includes a guide to your TESOL destination and a forum

ESL Base- Its most valuable feature is a list of ESL schools. Includes job board, forum, and country guide written by actual TESOL teachers.

Ajarn – Specific to Thailand. Find teaching jobs, blog, and resources for teaching English in Thailand

Teach Specific to Saudi Arabia. Find teaching jobs, blog, and resources for teaching English in Saudi Arabia

ESL Teachers Board- This website offers jobs, resources, list of schools, forums, and more.

The TEFL Practicum

During a 20-hour Practicum, trainees get to observe real classes for 10 hours and then practice their lesson planning skills in front of a controlled environment for another 10 hours.

The 10 hours of teaching practice are key for new teachers who need to gain confidence in front of a classroom because a supervising teacher with vast teaching experience and an internationally recognized TEFL certificate is there to provide feedback.

Trainees can take a professional TEFL course online, such as Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma or the new online CELTA, and complete the 20-hour Practicum afterwards. Those who take Ontesol’s TESOL Diploma can complete the Practicum anywhere in the world, and there isn’t a deadline to complete this module.

Most language schools in Europe, UAE, Canada, and Australia prefer teachers who have completed a Practicum. It is not necessary to complete this module if you are pursuing entry-level positions in Asia or Latin America.

Teach English in Turkey, One-To-One Tutoring, and more!

On this week’s TESOL Expert blog, Ontesol shows us Cappadocia, a mystic ancient town built inside a network of chimney-shaped peaks on the Turkish region of Anatolia.

Our teacher trainers write about TEFL one-to-one, teaching ESL literacy, and using ‘Dictogloss’ to teach multiple-skills.

This week, EPIK recruitment opens for the term that starts on February 2013. As an approved recruiter, Ontesol provides free recruitment services to all its graduates who meet university, native-speaker, and age requirements.

Take an accredited TESOL course with Ontesol and teach English worldwide! The 100-hour TESOL course costs only $285! If you are looking for a CELTA-equivalent course that is offered online, the 250-hour TESOL Diploma offers more training in the Theory and Methodology of TESOL than a CELTA course.