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Where Do People Go With TEFL Certification?

Most people with a 100-hour TEFL certificate go to Asia. The most popular destinations are South Korea, China, Japan, and Thailand.

Popular Latin American destinations include Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.

Due to visa restrictions, only EU citizens can work in Europe. The popular destinations are Spain, Italy, and Germany. An advanced TESOL course is recommended for applying to jobs in Europe.

If you are interested in teaching English in Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, or UAE, an advanced TESOL Diploma is required.

Teach English in China With TESOL and TEYL Course

Ontesol’s 100-hour TESOL course with 60-hour TEYL specialist provides teachers with the best credentials for teaching English in China. The 50% discount on the TEYL course leaves the 160-hour TESOL and TEYL package for only $385.

The ESL industry in China continues to grow and wages have doubled in the past 5 years! Many schools offer paid accommodation, return airfare, work permit, and other benefits. Contracts are offered for a full year and offers of renewal often come with a generous bonus!

You can apply directly for jobs at language institutes such as EF, Disney English, Wall Street Institute, and Longman Schools or use a recruiter such as Goldstar TEFL.

Which TESOL Course?

There are two levels of TESOL certification that you must consider when choosing your TESOL course:

100+ hours core TESOL: Covers the essential modules in TESOL education and provides thorough practice in lesson planning. Get ready for the job. Study online form the comfort of your home. Under $300!

In general, people who take a 100-hour TESOL course are looking for entry-level positions and are not planning to teach English for more than 2 years.

Advanced TESOL: Comprehensive TESOL courses that carry an international TESOL accreditation such as TESL Canada, Trinity CertTESOL, or CELTA. 120+ hours of advanced TESOL training covers topics in a very comprehensive manner and assignments are more difficult. A Practicum takes place at the end of the course. If on-site, the Pracitcum is generally included and happens right after the TESOL course. If the course is online, the Practicum is a separate module and the starting date is more flexible. Tuition fee $1,000+

Those who take an advanced course are usually experienced teachers who want to upgrade their qualifications. New teachers can take an advanced TESOL course and get the best training from the very beginning.