Monthly Archives: April 2013

CourseSmart Too Intrusive?

The New York Times reports that new technology developed by Silicon Valley start-up aims to assist teachers in understanding how much their students are reading and if they are taking enough time to prepare for exams. But is CourseSmart too intrusive? And will it be necessary in the TEFL classroom?

TEFL Lesson Plans for South Korea

Sarah, our TEFL Expert in South Korea, shared this website that TEFL teachers at the EPIK program use to pick lesson plans for their class when they have little or no time for preparation. It’s called Waygook and it’s also a great forum for finding other stuff too. Don’t forget to check our TEFL certification blogs. On the last article, Sarah writes about her experience teaching large groups.

FREE Teaching Business English Course

How do great entrepreneurs innovate? TED interviews Elon Musk, the founder of Pay Pal, TESLA Motors, and Space X. This article by Business Insider is a great piece of reading material and has a link to the TED video for creating listening comprehension activities and studying the presentation skills of great business leaders. Enroll in Ontesol’s accredited TESOL Diploma before April 10 and receive a free Teaching Business English Course.