Activities for Teaching Writing Skills

By | October 22, 2013

How can teachers build their students’ confidence in the ESL classroom? Activities that allow students to practice their language skills in context work best. Communicative activities allow creativity and provide real metrics for students to measure their own improvement.  Today we will introduce 3 tactics for teaching writing skills in a communicative way.

Integrate skills! Ask your students to find an interesting article. They can do this for homework or, if possible, use the internet in the classroom. Depending on the level of your students, they can write a summary of the article, write an opinion piece, predict what is going to happen, provide solutions, or compare and contrast to other articles on the topic.   When the writing activity is over, your students can present what they have written to their classmates.  Here is an interesting article on 40 things to do with a text.

Use peer editing activities! Writing is considered a lonely process and authors often fail to read their work as detached readers.  Ontesol shows that peer editing activities create a collaborative environment where students focus on providing constructive feedback, which helps them improve their critical thinking skills.

Get to the point! Beginner students may not be able to write long essays, but there are 6 simple activities that will help them practice their writing skills in real-life situations. In this blog Busy Teacher tells you how to use e-mails, postcards, memos, and other writing activities in the ESL classroom.


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