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TEFL Activities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great special occasion to have fun in the ESL classroom, but teachers must remember that it is important to meet the class objective and Valentine’s Day activities must succeed with teaching a language point or skill. Here are some examples of Valentine’s Day activities for teaching English effectively: Broken Hearts Matching: […]

Two TEFL Activities For Using Video

ESL teachers can use movies or TV shows at any stage of the lesson plan, and for any level and age group. This lesson plan for high intermediate students shows how you can use a TV show like Friends to teach integrated skills, grammar, and vocabulary. In this blog, we will look at two fun […]

Using the Internet in TEFL

The internet allows ESL teachers to skip boring and outdated textbooks. Teachers can find  a wide variety of resources that are current, meaningful, and free. The internet has advanced so much that teachers can now find authentic material in text, audio, and video to teach integrated skills. Oftentimes, teachers can find all formats embedded in […]

Teaching Reading Skills

A new book by Dr. Deutsch argues that ESL students lack the skills to cope with reading comprehension tests. For this reason, we will explore what the TESOL experts have to say about teaching reading comprehension skills. Colorin Colorado has over 12 articles and resources that explain how you can implement reading comprehension strategies in […]

Activities for Teaching Writing Skills

How can teachers build their students’ confidence in the ESL classroom? Activities that allow students to practice their language skills in context work best. Communicative activities allow creativity and provide real metrics for students to measure their own improvement.  Today we will introduce 3 tactics for teaching writing skills in a communicative way. Integrate skills! […]

5 Resources on Fostering Creativity in The Classroom

The following resources by education and ESL experts provide tips on how to foster creativity in the classroom. #1 Marvin Mertel writes in Eleven Classroom Creativity Killers that teachers should provide proper and extensive feedback when marking students’ work,  provide students with enough practice after presenting a topic, ask open ended questions, and allow students […]