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CourseSmart Too Intrusive?

The New York Times reports that new technology developed by Silicon Valley start-up aims to assist teachers in understanding how much their students are reading and if they are taking enough time to prepare for exams. But is CourseSmart too intrusive? And will it be necessary in the TEFL classroom?

TEFL Lesson Plans for South Korea

Sarah, our TEFL Expert in South Korea, shared this website that TEFL teachers at the EPIK program use to pick lesson plans for their class when they have little or no time for preparation. It’s called Waygook and it’s also a great forum for finding other stuff too. Don’t forget to check our TEFL certification […]

FREE Teaching Business English Course

How do great entrepreneurs innovate? TED interviews Elon Musk, the founder of Pay Pal, TESLA Motors, and Space X. This article by Business Insider is a great piece of reading material and has a link to the TED video for creating listening comprehension activities and studying the presentation skills of great business leaders. Enroll in […]

TESOL Authentic Material: Cell Phone Turns 40

This informative and entertaining slideshow on the history of the cell phone by Bloomberg Businessweek has to be mined by TEFL teachers worldwide! Create fun and engaging lesson plans for your class. Use pictures, bring old cell phones as props , and engage your TEFL students in a dynamic conversation about technological changes in the […]

Up to $250 in TESOL Discounts

Have you taught English abroad for 6 months or more? Participate in our TESOL Expert program and receive up to $250 in discounts toward Ontesol’s accredited TESOL certificate courses. Share your experience with others and get certified with the best. Since you probably have been teaching English abroad with an introductory TESOL certificate, the $250 […]

High Paying Jobs and TESOL Discounts

Skyline Global Solutions recently posted a $7,000/month job on the new TESOL job board! The job is open to teachers who hold Master’s degree and an advanced TESOL certificate such as Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma. Teaching experience is preferred. Reputable language schools and recruiters can post a free TESOL job in just a matter of […]

New Jobs on TESOL Job Board

The TESOL Job Board has jobs for Vietnam, China, Taiwan Chile, and Turkey. The site is growing fast with five new organizations advertising TESOL teaching positions worldwide. Many of these jobs do not require teaching experience; however, an accredited TESOL certificate is preferred. Ontesol offers accredited online TESOL courses starting at $285. The 250-hour TESOL […]

Responsiblity in TEFL

What is a more meaningful way to expose students to language than providing the knowledge that enables them to not just participate in the world but also change it? Many times authentic material is presented in the form of news and when news come with important information, you are helping your TEFL students to act […]

TESOL Certification Discounts

This year we celebrate Ontesol’s 10th anniversary and we start with a free TEYL course for those who enroll in the 250-hour TESOL Diploma before January 11th. Get the professional training you need to qualify for a teaching position anywhere in the world. Study the Theory and Methodology of TESOL online and at your own […]

Free TEYL Course

Enroll in Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma before December 26th and receive the TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) as a holiday present! Qualify for TESOL jobs worldwide with an internationally recognized program and TEYL specialist. The diploma program can be completed in just less than 2 months, but trainees have up to 8 months to […]