5 Resources on Fostering Creativity in The Classroom

By | October 21, 2013

The following resources by education and ESL experts provide tips on how to foster creativity in the classroom.

#1 Marvin Mertel writes in Eleven Classroom Creativity Killers that teachers should provide proper and extensive feedback when marking students’ work,  provide students with enough practice after presenting a topic, ask open ended questions, and allow students to make mistakes.

#2 Organic Creativity in the Classroom is a book by 23 education experts who share their stories and provide strategies for encouraging students to become more creative in the classroom. You can download a free sample for free.

#3 On October 24, Adam Simpson will offer a free webinar to show ESL teachers how learners can explore the English language through creative activities. Find out which activities facilitate creative thinking and help your students improve their communication skills!

#4 Education expert Ken Robinson created a video to illustrate out how a simple change of questions and testing methods can boost creativity. Rather than asking students to find the right answers, students should be given space to explore and expose their findings to their classmates.

#5 ESL teachers face many difficulties when teaching speaking skills lessons in cultures which educational systems are deep rooted in rote memorization. Using class debates in the ESL classroom is one way to spark creative thinking and participation. Ontesol emphasizes that the role of the teacher during the class debate is that of a moderator rather than presenter, which allows students to speak freely and make mistakes. When the debate is over, the teacher can provide feedback to reinforce certain topics.


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