Teaching Reading Skills

A new book by Dr. Deutsch argues that ESL students lack the skills to cope with reading comprehension tests. For this reason, we will explore what the TESOL experts have to say about teaching reading comprehension skills. Colorin Colorado has over 12 articles and resources that explain how you can implement reading comprehension strategies in […]

Activities for Teaching Writing Skills

How can teachers build their students’ confidence in the ESL classroom? Activities that allow students to practice their language skills in context work best. Communicative activities allow creativity and provide real metrics for students to measure their own improvement.  Today we will introduce 3 tactics for teaching writing skills in a communicative way. Integrate skills! […]

5 Resources on Fostering Creativity in The Classroom

The following resources by education and ESL experts provide tips on how to foster creativity in the classroom. #1 Marvin Mertel writes in Eleven Classroom Creativity Killers that teachers should provide proper and extensive feedback when marking students’ work,  provide students with enough practice after presenting a topic, ask open ended questions, and allow students […]

Interac TEFL Recruiters will Tour North America

Want to teach English in Japan? Every year Interac sends recruiters to North America to hire hundreds of ALT teachers for elementary, junior high, and secondary schools. Looking ahead to November and December, Interact recruiters will be visiting Seattle, Washington DC, Denver, Minneapolis, Newark/New York, Orem, Nashville, San Francisco, and Toronto. Don’t leave it too late to […]

The Rise of Online Education

The online education industry has grown at an astronomical rate since Phoenix University was launched in 1989. At the time, PU went online with only 12 enrollments, today e-learning is a $34 Billion industry and it is estimated that 50% of all university courses will be delivered online by 2019. The TEFL industry, which caters […]

TEFL Certification Review

I want to say that ONTESOL provided me with an excellent learning experience in their 120-hour TEFL certification course. The course material was comprehensive, detailed, yet easy to understand. Both my tutors, Ainsley (for the TEFL) and Claudia (for the TEYL) were brilliant.  They gave me detailed feedback on the work I submitted, and were […]

Free Online Conference by Reform Synopsium

Follow Reform Synopsium @RSCON4 on Twitter to access over 150 presentations and keynotes from teachers worldwide! Here are some of the best presentations happening between October 11 and October 13: ‘Gamifying Your Class’ by David Dodgson ‏@DaveDodgson What adult language learners can learn from children” by Lexical Leo @leoselivan Panel on leading and inspiring teachers by […]

CourseSmart Too Intrusive?

The New York Times reports that new technology developed by Silicon Valley start-up aims to assist teachers in understanding how much their students are reading and if they are taking enough time to prepare for exams. But is CourseSmart too intrusive? And will it be necessary in the TEFL classroom?

TEFL Lesson Plans for South Korea

Sarah, our TEFL Expert in South Korea, shared this website that TEFL teachers at the EPIK program use to pick lesson plans for their class when they have little or no time for preparation. It’s called Waygook and it’s also a great forum for finding other stuff too. Don’t forget to check our TEFL certification […]