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TEFL Japan: Cultural Facts

Japan is one of the top destinations for TESOL graduates. Here are some tips for overcoming culture shock. -Bowing is used often for thanking and greeting. -Refusing a request or offer is impolite. Your co-workers will always say yes, even when busy, so consider this if you want to maintain a good relationship at your […]

250-hour TESOL Diploma

While advanced TESOL/ TEFL Courses such as CELTA offer 120 hours, the Methodology module from Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma is worth a whole 120 hours. This module consists of 19 units. You will have to observe video-taped lessons, submit 10 tasks, 19 assignments, and a final exam. By the end of the module, you will […]

Ontesol Exceeds Expectations for TEFL Online

Coventry House International‘s online TESOL / TEFL courses have exceeded expectations in terms of the level of training and the reputation among language schools. While many online programs are not recognized beyond cram schools in developing countries, Ontesol has managed to offer a very advanced level of training by providing every trainee with outstanding tutoring […]

Can I Get a TEFL Certificate If I Have Years of Teaching Experience?

A TEFL certificate issued by a school that charges money to credit your teaching experience is not a reputable one. You may be an experienced teacher but it does not mean that you have been doing the right job. Many people go to another country where hiring standards are low and get a job because […]

Online TEFL Certification: Is Tutor Support Necessary?

It is quite possible to take an online TEFL course that meets or even exceeds the standards of the most reputable on-site courses, but tutor support is key. Without a professional teacher trainer, a TEFL course lacks quality regardless of the level of the material and the assignments. A trainee needs feedback on the assignments […]