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TEFL Requirements

Entry requirements for TESOL certification courses are: -Native speaker or proficiency score such as IELTS or TOEFL. -A University degree is not always required but you must have one to get a work permit in another country. – In some instances, trainees must be 21 years of age or older You can take the TESOL […]

TEFL Japan: Cultural Facts

Japan is one of the top destinations for TESOL graduates. Here are some tips for overcoming culture shock. -Bowing is used often for thanking and greeting. -Refusing a request or offer is impolite. Your co-workers will always say yes, even when busy, so consider this if you want to maintain a good relationship at your […]

Ontesol Exceeds Expectations for TEFL Online

Coventry House International‘s online TESOL / TEFL courses have exceeded expectations in terms of the level of training and the reputation among language schools. While many online programs are not recognized beyond cram schools in developing countries, Ontesol has managed to offer a very advanced level of training by providing every trainee with outstanding tutoring […]

TEFL South Korea

There are 3 kinds of teaching opportunities in South Korea: hagwons (English academies), public schools, and English villages. Each has advantages and disadvantages over the others, depending on your list of priorities. Sonia, who graduated from Ontesol’s 100-hour TESOL Certificate, wrote an excellent article about each opportunity at this blog

Why is Lesson Planning Important?

The discipline of lesson planning will instill the necessary thought processes for teachers to produce coherent and effective lessons. In particular, a teacher with strong lesson planning skills will be able to understand and answer the following questions: a. How is a specific unit of learning best divided into lessons? b. What are the objectives […]