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250-hour TESOL Diploma

While advanced TESOL/ TEFL Courses such as CELTA offer 120 hours, the Methodology module from Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma is worth a whole 120 hours. This module consists of 19 units. You will have to observe video-taped lessons, submit 10 tasks, 19 assignments, and a final exam. By the end of the module, you will […]

Why is Lesson Planning Important?

The discipline of lesson planning will instill the necessary thought processes for teachers to produce coherent and effective lessons. In particular, a teacher with strong lesson planning skills will be able to understand and answer the following questions: a. How is a specific unit of learning best divided into lessons? b. What are the objectives […]

Online TEFL Certification: Is Tutor Support Necessary?

It is quite possible to take an online TEFL course that meets or even exceeds the standards of the most reputable on-site courses, but tutor support is key. Without a professional teacher trainer, a TEFL course lacks quality regardless of the level of the material and the assignments. A trainee needs feedback on the assignments […]

Teach English in Taiwan

Taiwan must be the most underrated country to TESOL. The cost of living in Taiwan is very low and teachers make $1,500-$2,200 a month plus benefits and perks. In other words, you earn as much as in any European country and spend less than half. You can also teach private lessons to the business community […]

Can Non-Native Speakers Teach English?

Being a native-speaker does not make you a better teacher. For instance, most native-speakers have little knowledge of the rules of the English language. Not many people take grammar courses in high school or university, so when they get to a TEFL course, grammar is completely new for them. The advantage, of course, is that […]