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Ontesol Exceeds Expectations for TEFL Online

Coventry House International‘s online TESOL / TEFL courses have exceeded expectations in terms of the level of training and the reputation among language schools. While many online programs are not recognized beyond cram schools in developing countries, Ontesol has managed to offer a very advanced level of training by providing every trainee with outstanding tutoring […]

Why is Lesson Planning Important?

The discipline of lesson planning will instill the necessary thought processes for teachers to produce coherent and effective lessons. In particular, a teacher with strong lesson planning skills will be able to understand and answer the following questions: a. How is a specific unit of learning best divided into lessons? b. What are the objectives […]

Teach English in Taiwan

Taiwan must be the most underrated country to TESOL. The cost of living in Taiwan is very low and teachers make $1,500-$2,200 a month plus benefits and perks. In other words, you earn as much as in any European country and spend less than half. You can also teach private lessons to the business community […]