Teaching Grammar with Games

By | December 13, 2013

Teaching grammar does not need to be boring! In this blog I will show you three games that you can use to teach grammar in a memorable way.

ESL Games Plus has dozens of online games that teachers can use in the ESL classroom. If your students don’t have internet access, you can replicate some of these games by drawing your own board and cards. My favourite one is the Rally Game, which is useful to teach the Present Progressive/Continuous. It can be difficult to teach this tense in context because people often use it to describe actions happening around them. In this game, ESL students have to look at the picture on the screen and select one of four multiple choice answers which best describes the action (ei:  the man is eating a burger).

Grammar Ninja is another fun game and it can be used to teach Parts of Speech. This game can only be played if the students have access to the internet because they need to “throw ninja stars” to select the right answer. The good thing about this game is that teachers can select the level of their students and this is a good game for adult students as well.

Behind The Wall is recommended for teaching prepositions. Teachers have to build a wall that separates the classroom and create groups. One group will be in charge of placing objects around their area and then members have to give instructions to the other group to replicate what they’ve done (ei: The car is inside the cup).

Always remember that there must be a reason for using games in the classroom! To learn or review how to teach English using CLT, visit Ontesol’s resource center and find free articles written by accredited teacher trainers.





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