Teaching Reading Skills

By | November 6, 2013

A new book by Dr. Deutsch argues that ESL students lack the skills to cope with reading comprehension tests. For this reason, we will explore what the TESOL experts have to say about teaching reading comprehension skills.

Colorin Colorado has over 12 articles and resources that explain how you can implement reading comprehension strategies in the ESL classroom and motivate your students to read on their own.

Many new teachers are placed in public school programs where they have to face more than 30 students per class. Such settings create a very challenging environment for teaching a second language.  Ontesol’s  latest blog article shows a few reading comprehension activities for large classes.

Teaching reading skills does not have to be boring! The Castaway game is an interactive  app that allows ESL students to choose their own story. If students have access to computers in the class, they can play this game in pairs to integrate speaking in the class or you can assign the game for homework and ask your students to recount the path they followed for integrating writing in the lesson.







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