TEFL Without a Work Permit

By | July 31, 2011

The demand for TEFL/TESOL teachers is so high in some regions that some schools overlook the legal requirement to hire teachers with a work permit, for which you need a university degree. While this may be a cause to celebrate for those who have not completed their degree and want to explore the world, there are many risks involved.

-Under the most optimistic scenario, you will simply earn minimum wage and work at schools that offer poor working conditions such as cramming students in a classroom, lack of resources, and a disorganized curriculum.

-Under a more pessimist scenario, working without a work permit gives power to schools to fire teachers whenever they want and scam teachers off their wages.

-The worst case scenario is one where you are deported and deprived from ever entering the country again, while you may also face a few days of jail time.

So do your best to finish your degree and take a reputable TESOL certificate program.

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