TEFL Certification Course Review: Use Songs in The Classroom

By | December 27, 2013

The TEFL certification courses at OnTESOL teach trainees how to use songs and other authentic material for creating effective and engaging lesson plans. This blog will show you some examples for using songs in your TEFL lessons plans.

Leo Selivan is prominent TEFL blogger who posted a lesson plan on Binomials. Click here to see how Leo uses the song ‘She’ by Elvis Costello to show students examples of binomials. Another blogger commented that the song ‘Hot and Cold’ by Katy Perry is also very effective for teaching Binomials.

Busy Teacher has a library of 1200 worksheets for using songs in the classroom. Check out their library here because it is likely that they have a worksheet for the song that you chose for your students. Remember that worksheets are mostly gap-filling and matching activities. Such worksheets are often repetitive and lack context, so teachers should follow up with activities that reinforce the language point in context.

TeflTunes.com also has a library of complete lesson plans that use songs and these lesson plans are categorized for teaching different levels, themes, and tasks (functional, grammar, receptive and productive skills, and vocabulary). Although teachers need to pay a small subscription fee, the lesson plans on this website can save you plenty of of time!






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