TESL Canada Certification as Necessary as Winter Tires

By | September 18, 2011

If you want a safe drive in the cold Canadian winter, a set of winter tires makes all the difference. So does TESL Canada certification for teaching in one of the best ESL industries in the world.

90% of schools ask for TESL Canada Standard 1 and some may even require teachers to hold TESL Canada Standard 2 certification.

People who take less quality courses are looking to travel and teach in countries where there aren’t that many requirements. They don’t do much research and are astonished when they find that the weekend TESOL course that cost $1000 is useless in Canada. Some even find the hard way that the institute they chose has a bad reputation worldwide and they have a hard time finding a schools to accept their certificate.

If you are planning to start your career in another country, do some research about the conditions and requirements in the country you want to teach and consider the advantage of getting TESL Canada certified if you are planning to build a serious career.

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