Two TEFL Activities For Using Video

By | December 20, 2013

ESL teachers can use movies or TV shows at any stage of the lesson plan, and for any level and age group. This lesson plan for high intermediate students shows how you can use a TV show like Friends to teach integrated skills, grammar, and vocabulary. In this blog, we will look at two fun and creative activities that teachers can use in the classroom when teaching English using video.

The first activity is Back to the Screen. One group of student watches the movie or TV show in silence while the other students face their back to the screen. The group watching the screen explains what is happening. This activity is good for teaching a grammar topic like the present continuous and speaking skills.

The Film Festival activity is a great way to spark a class debate. For this activity it is best to watch a series of short movies. This You Tube channel has award winning shorts for ESL classes. The teacher can prepare short exercises for practicing different language points at the end of each short film. After watching all films, the students form a panel to discuss the movies and pick a winner.


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