Using Games in the ESL Classroom

By | December 3, 2013

Games are fun! If you are a new teacher in front of a classroom with 30 or 40 rowdy students, games can be an easy but sometimes ineffective fix. The problem with games is that they are rarely used properly. As with any activity, games must meet the class objective.

Teachers have to consider the following before planning for a game. What is the language point used in the game? What skills will students be practicing? What follow-up activities can reinforce the lesson so the students are playing with a purpose?

Take a look at the following games and reflect on how ESL students can benefit from them and how you would integrate them in your lesson plans:

Big Town:   Q&A game with over 80 personalities.

Global Warming Game: Advanced level vocabulary gapfill exercise

Count Your Chickens: Count the pictures and choose the correct number.

Community Board Game: Review concepts related to a community (Places, people, and being a good neighbour).

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